Asset Management


Through our independent registered investment advisory firm, Snavely Associates Financial Services, our advisors serve clients exclusively through integrated Asset Management Accounts. A powerful investing approach, managed accounts give you an array of investment choices all working in concert with each other.

  • All investments “under one roof”
  • Stocks, Bonds, CDs, Money Market & Mutual Funds
  • Easy money management
  • Unlimited/free check-writing
  • Simple portfolio evaluation
  • Cost-basis accounting
  • No annual maintenance fee
  • No commission trades
  • Free trades (based on account size)
  • Professional, local, personal management and support
  • Advisor compensation tied to your accounts performance
  • Personal quarterly review
  • FDIC Insured Money Markets & CDs



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Benefits of Managed Accounts:

  1. Streamlined way to manage your finances.
  2. Links investment and check writing and organizes all your account activity in one comprehensive, easy to read monthly statement.
  3. Each month you will know how much your money has earned, what your investments are worth, your taxable gain or loss on each individual investment and any withdrawals or checks you’ve written.
  4. Objective financial advice from a professional with experience and knowledge of your unique situation and goals.
  5. Compensation of your advisor is tied to your performance and satisfaction.
  6. Each quarter, your advisor will call to sit down and review your accounts. With this active management style, we can stay in close contact and effect changes quickly. Clients stay up to date and on target with their goals.



Investment Advisory Services offered through O.N. Investment Management Company and Snavely Associates Financial Services.
Securities offered through The O.N. Equity Sales Company Member FINRA/SIPC, One Financial Way Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 (513) 794-6794.

Snavely Associates Financial Services is not affiliated with The O.N. Equity Sales Company or O.N. Investment Management Company.