1035-photo-1Snavely Associates Financial Services operates in central Pennsylvania as an independent registered investment advisory firm. Jack Snavely II is the firm’s financial advisor and has been helping clients develop strategies to reach their financial goals for over 24 years.Jack’s vision was always to create a unique concierge financial services’ firm that placed an emphasis on personal service and attention. Banks and financial firms have become more corporate and are focused on catering to large accounts. Jack’s focus is solely on providing excellence in financial advice for clients of all asset levels.

It is also important that he be a resource to guide and advise clients on a wide range of financial areas without additional fees. Snavely Associates is organized to operate independently, and search all markets for promisory insurance and investments. The majority of accounts are managed under a simple discounted fee based platform which covers all services and advice.


1.There are means to leave wealth to your children and grandchildren with no income or inheritance taxes?

2. Beneficiaries of an IRA can “Stretch” the IRA and minimize income tax consequences?

3. There are claiming strategies you can use to maximize your social security benefits for you and your spouse?

4. There are guidelines for how much income you should take from your IRA?

5. In most cases you can transfer existing brokerage accounts, mutual funds, and stocks into one asset management account without having to sell any shares?

6. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania allows for a “Transfer on Death” designation on nonqualified accounts – eliminating the cost or publicity of probate when you die?

Let Us Explain How All of These Programs Affect You and Help You Make The Best Choices For Yourself and Your Family.

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Email: jack@snavelyfinancial.com
Phone: (717) 737-3488

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Registration: Snavely Associates is an independent investment advisory firm registered with the Pennsylvania Securities Commission

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Email: jack@snavelyfinancial.com
Phone: (717) 737-3488


Our Commitment to You

Snavely Financial provides hands-on services. We don’t use third party managers to manage your funds –
Your Life Savings.




Investment Advisory Services offered through O.N. Investment Management Company and Snavely Associates Financial Services.
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